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version 3.9 Released (7/12/2022)
admin login:
user : admin
pass : admin123

is an online social media marketing tool (web application) that allows and helps you to sell your Social Media Marketing Services with an easy to use panel. You can provide quality and cheap SMM Services to your customers, they can buy all packages or services like Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Youtube Viewers and many more using your the panel. You can create as many as services & packages according to your expertise, this is a completely dynamic panel. Whether it is something you need for your social media accounts or you are a SMM services reseller, you will find it all here The script was created using the latest Laravel Framework, which in turn provides you with security and reliability in data processing.



Withdraw services with categories

 Place orders

Transfer balance between users

 Drip-feed feature

dd unlimited services

Bulk add all services from API provider and set price percentage increase

Custom rate per each user

Support systems

Refill button

 9 Cancel button

10 Child Panels

11 coupon code

12 multi currency

13 multilanguage

14 Withdraw services with description

15 Affiliates 

16 There are more features that you can discover by yourself

Payment Gateway


Perfect Money







8 Kashier EG

10 Esewa

11 Newebpay

12 Khalti

13  PayTM

14 Custom Method

15 CardLink

+14 Payment Gateway

Add a payment gateway for your country

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version 3.9 Released (7/12/2022)
1- Automatic service price update.
2- Add Ecpay Payment Gateway.
3- CSS optimization in all themes.
Version 3.8 Released (15/11/2022)
1- add refill Direct to provider
2- add Mercadopago payment gateway Brazil
3- add  Multilingual categories 
4- refill page in admin panel 
5- new theme for all accses License
Version 3.7 Released (18/10/2022)
1- Add airtm Payment Gateway
2- Add Mollie Payment Gateway
3- Add another manual payment method
4- Solve the problem of changing the currency
5- logo size fix
6- The mail server has been fixed
Version 3.6 Released (29/8/2022)
1- Add coupon system.
2- Update price all services 
3- Add the choice of the default currency.
4- Fixed some Crohn Job problems.
Version 3.5 Released (31/7/2022)
1- Multi-currency has been added.
2- Add auto reply to tickets.
3- referral system has been fixed.
4- Automatic price update added.
5- Add Esewa Payment Gateway
6- Add Khalti Payment Gateway
Version 3.4 Released (21/7/2022)
1- AAdd cerulean Theme for Extended License.
2- Add stripe payment gateway.
3- TAdd Thawani and Youcan payment gateway
4- Balance Transfer Activate / Deactivate.
version 3.3 Released (8/7/2022)
1- Add a new theme in the extended license.
2- Add another notification system.
3- Add a Wish Money payment gateway.
Version 3.2 – 15/6/ 2022
1- AAdd coinbase payment gateway.
2- Add kashier payment gateway(EG).
3- -  The ability to change the theme color has been added.
4- The Crone Job has been improved.
Version 3.1 – may 26, 2022
1- [Added]: Payment history for a user
2- [Added]: Ticket logs for Contact page
3- [Added]: Categories button for Pergo theme
4- Withdraw services with description
5- Change the theme's colors
6- Add an ad banner
Version 3.0 Released (7/5/2022)
1- Payeer payment gateway has been added.
2- Perfect Money payment gateway has been added.
3- Webmoney payment gateway has been added.
4- payment gateway has been added for Egyptians.
5- A manual payment gateway has been added.
5- Language errors have been fixed.
Version 2.9 Released (20/4/2022)
1- Add a balance transfer system between users. 2- add rtl support. 3- You can send a screenshot of the bank transfer. 4- Email confirmation has been fixed.

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21 August 2022 09:43:40

It really deserves the best software I've used

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I just bought it is the best script I've seen Thank you really I hope to get future updates

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Admin link is not working

04 July 2022, 10:29:04
Author user : admin pass : admin123

17 August 2022, 12:18:42

demo links still not working

15 August 2022, 22:55:06
Author user : admin pass : admin123

17 August 2022, 12:18:23

Is this site trustworthy?

24 August 2022, 06:51:41

admin link not working password wrong

27 August 2022, 14:44:53

هل الموقع جدير بالثقه

10 September 2022, 18:29:25

i am waiting for help please reply you are also not replying on whatsapp

26 December 2022, 16:41:27

Which theme is included in regular license?

18 March 2023, 21:16:46

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